2020 Here we come!

I have a lot to be thankful for! 2019 has been an amazing year of growth for our distillery. It has been really fun growing into our boots. Business has tripled and I have been lucky to meet almost every last one of you who have stepped foot into the tasting room. Pouring cocktails or tastings for you continues to be an experience I cherish. Making great spirits is another.

This year our spirits have received many accolades. Our Fiesta 100% Agave spirit won bronze at the 2019 ADI tasting of Craft Spirits and our Goodland Gin won a silver in that same event. After taking heed to the tasting notes and making a small change in the distilling process, Goodland Gin won a best of class, Best in Show at the Great American International Spirits Tasting event in Rochester New York as well as another Silver in the Millennial Awards Show. Not bad for the first full year of being open. As I continue to learn and hone my craft I am looking forward to making my spirits better and better.

We just started selling our new Goodland Barrel Rested Gin and I am proud to have it in our lineup. Its label was actually professionally designed by Studio 86 and it is stunning. The spirit is equally stunning. It has rested a full 6 months in small brand new American Oak Heavily charred barrels. It is golden and delicious. We will adding a sugar cane based vodka to our lineup soon as well.

Thanks to all our tasting room customers and to our businesses who have taken our spirits on at your bars. Goleta Red Distilling Company is local, proud to be local. I am personally grateful for all the local support. I am so looking forward to creating new spirits and to serving you.


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